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Welcome to Kindergarten!

We offer children a safe, secure and exciting place where they can:

      *Try new things                                             *Make great friends

*Learn in a variety of ways                             *Share their love of God

*Feel pride in their successes                            *Sing, laugh and have fun!

Kindergarten is an exciting place and time in your child’s life. So many “firsts” can happen during this year: a first loose tooth, a first best friend, a first time to read or count to 100, and for some a first whole day away from mom and dad. We know that this is a precious time in both you and your child’s lives. We promise that we will to ensure that our class is a loving and special place where your child can feel comfortable and loved.

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Please know that we are parents of St. Francis School children. We enjoy being able to be part of our own children’s education in a variety of ways. We, too, welcome and encourage family participation in many forms. You will find that St. Francis School is one big school family.

What will my child be learning?

We will be learning so many things in kindergarten that it would be impossible to list them all. Below are just some of the things we expect to cover in language arts and math in kindergarten.

*We will cover letters and their sounds.
*We will use these to construct  and deconstruct words.
*We will rhyme as much as possible.
*We will read stories, retell them, and imagine ourselves in them.
*We will practice holding our pencils correctly.
*We will color, cut and paste.
*We will write all 26 letters, our names, words, sentences and even stories!
*We will cover numbers.
*We will count everyday.
*We will find and extend patterns.
*We will find, draw, and name shapes.
*We will read a clock and a calendar.
*We will add and subtract using story problems.
*We will sort and group a variety of things.
*We will count coins and measure many things.

How can we prepare for kindergarten at SFX?

*Read to your child
*Play with your child
*Attend Sunday Mass
*Talk with your child’s pre-school teacher about kindergarten readiness
*Update your child’s immunization records
*Inquire in the school office about ways to lower tuition cost
*Bring your child to the Spring Open House or set up another time to visit our classroom

Thank you for considering St. Francis Xavier School for your child’s education.
We know that parents are a child’s first and most important teachers. We would consider it an honor to be a partner in your child’s education.

What is Special about Kindergarten at SFX?

We asked our students to help us answer this question. Here is what they have told us:
 We get to learn about God and Jesus.

Our 5th grade buddies take us to church, read to us, and help us learn to tie our shoes!tying shoes

Our teachers are really nice.

We get to do a Thanksgiving play and a Nativity play for our family!

We hatch chickens from eggs!

The whole school sings Happy Birthday to me at prayer service.

I get to see my brother and give him a hug in the hallway.

We pray everyday.

Our School Mission:

St. Francis School, with family partnership,
is dedicated to the development of the whole child
through the spiritual and academic of excellence of Catholic education.




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